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Epublications ahead of print. These papers will be published in due course in Fluoride which will continue to be published quarterly. Papers in Fluoride will be given a year of publication, volume, and issue number but not new page numbers. They may be cited as e.g. Fluoride 2024;57(1): e254. Epub 2023 November 18. Papers should now be submitted using the template below, using only the portrait orientation and not the landscape orientation, and will generally be published as Epublications soon after acceptance.

Issues published in 2024. With the rolling publication template system now in use papers are published as Epublications within a few days of acceptance and then placed in an issue at a later date with the year of publication, volume number, issue number, Epub number and date of Epublication.

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Use of template for submitting papers to Fluoride

This template in Word should be used by authors to submit papers to Fluoride from September 1, 2023. Only the portrait page orientation should be used. The landscape orientation should not be used because of the difficulites this creates in printing Fluoride which has a portrait orientaiton. Please add square brackets to the reference numbers in the reference section e.g. [1] rather than 1, to meet the requirements of CNKI, a Chinese abstractin g service which now covers Fluoride . From September 1, 2023 the practice of sending 5 free offprints was discontinued. Copies of papers may be downloaded from the website.Word files may open differently on different computers upsetting the placement of figures and you are welcome to send both a Word file and a pdf file of a paper. The pdf files open consistently.

Where to send papers, prepared using the template, for consideration of publication in Fluoride

Authors should send papers to the nearest regional editor. e.g. authors in the USA and Canada should send papers to the Regional Editor for Latin America, Central America and Cuba; an Author is Australia should send it to the Regional Editor for India; an author in the UK should send it to the Regional Editor for Eastern Europe. The regional editors are:

Regional Editor for Africa:

Regional Editor for Eastern Europe:

Regional Editors for India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka:

Regional Editor for Latin America, including Mexico, Central America, and Cuba:

Regional Editor for the Middle East:

Regional Editors for Pakistan and Afghanistan:

Regional Editors for People's Republic of China

Regional Editor for Asia in developmental biology, reproduction, embryology, and endocrinology

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Some information on chronic fluoride toxicity including the books Fluoridation the great dilemma and Fluoride fatigue, the thesis Education and fluoridation in New Zealand: an historical study and some information on the history of the ISFR

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